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mercredi 10 mars 2010

Traditionnal Korean Music - 韓国の音楽 - Musique traditionelle Coreenne ( FREE - 無償 - Gratuit )

( That was one of my first messages in yamanotedreams, in 2007... but this korean website is still active, so...)
This Korean website gives you for free hundreds of free mp3. All the mp3 are korean traditionnal music, or inspired by traditionnal thema...
Ce site Coreen vous propose des centaines de mp3 de musiques traditionnelles... gratuit evidemment...ca va du Pansor'i a la chanson populaire, en passant par la musique de meditation et autres....
この韓国のウエブサイトにMP3の何百がある。( もちろん フリーMP3です )
ジャンル : 民謡,、パンソリ、 韓国の音楽
FREE DWNLD--->>>フリーダウンロードーーー〉〉〉

4 commentaires:

Alternative Revelation a dit…

Very interesting! Beautiful music!

rajsank a dit…

thanks to read my blog!
Shame on me, I cannot read your blog, cause i'dont understand magyar...

Alternative Revelation a dit…

According to me ! It is not shame!
I would like to get to know other nations' culture better.
The music speaks a language.
With a greeting

Alternative Revelation a dit…

This helps possibly!