Silvercord and Altus - Lullaby ( ambient - new-age - healing - アンビエント - ヒーリング )

'' "Lullaby" has a strong thematic component, ostensibly intended to be music for children. Though the release can certainly be viewed as an album-length lullaby, definitely suitable for luring babies off to sleep, we find it to be a lullaby much more from the perspective of the parent not the child. Any dad or mom who has ever put a sleeping infant down to bed and then lingered quietly in the room with them for long minutes or hours to watch them sleep knows exactly what we're referring to. There is a tremendous peacefulness to the slumber of the very young, a delicate innocence that is so fragile and yet so very profound to experience. During those sacred moments, gazing down upon the easy rest of a child, a parent experiences a closeness, a tenderness, and a unity of spirit that is very difficult to find any other way. The parent's hopes and dreams are somehow amplified by the blissful and angelic sleep of the infant, all expressed in a single wordless moment. '' ( text from earthmantra netlabel )
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