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vendredi 12 mars 2010

Chinese songs from the 40's - 40年代の中国の歌 ( chinese oldies )

RE-UPLOADED ( 26 febr 2011 !!! )
I wanted to give you these chinese songs from the 40's since a long time...Only a few people know the chinese music of the 40's, but i hope more people will show interest in this music...
I don't know all the singers of the songs, except yao li and zhou xuan, ( maybe chang loo, too)...I think all these songs are more than 65 years old, so ti has became public domain songs, but im not sure : if anybody contest, i'll delete...
Chansons chinoises des annees 40...le summum du rafinement, surtout la voix de zhou xuan...
Please, listen and dwnld these beautiful songs....
FREE DWNLD--->>>フリーダウンロードーーー〉〉〉http://www.mediafire.com/?ai7duicwt6552ic

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Susan Si-Shan a dit…


My name is Susan, and I am University of Arizona film maker. I am interested in using these chinese oldies for my short film. Do you know who I can contact to get rights for it? Or can you tell him the original source for them, so I may contact that person?

Thank you,

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