Alan Morse Davies - Batavia EP ( Voices - ambient - xprmntl - アンビエント - 歌声 )

The works of Alan Morse Davies are very interesting, because it's more than music : it's like a research over various thema with music as a medium. I'm sure Alan Morse Davies plays Das Glasperlenspiel ( in english : The Glass bead game, in french : le jeu des perles de verres. If you don't know this book written by Herman Hesse, read it now, and you will understand music...)))
Le travail de recherche musicale de Alan Morse Davies est vraiment incroyable !!! A milles lieues de la sterilite de ce debut de 21 siecle ( ou devrais je ecrire sterilisation, ahah...)
ALAN MORSE DAVIESの最新アルバムです。。。面白いから勧めます!
ジャンル : アンビエント と 歌声
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