The Nikki Grace Experience - Hearse: The Black and White Opinion ( post-rock - post classical - ambient - cinematic - ポストロック - ポストクラシカル - アンビエント )

This concept album by The Nikki Grace Experience is well-crafted melancholic post-rock pop with influences from ambient to cinematic soundtrack music. ( words by wh records ).
"The Nikki Grace Experience -- The Project was born in the year 2010. The Idea of the musical fusion rose from my novel Eta Carinae, existing since 2008. I try to put all dark and sinister images into musical landscapes and post-rockish and ambiental walls. I'm always inspired by journeys through my home, Germany, the Woods, the people, all strange things I see every day, and over there I'm inspired from other beautiful countries like Ireland, the northern countries, all this, with its breath of coldness but beautiful strangeness. I think Music must be a kind of Heart and Soul and the Heart of the Soul turns into Music."  ( words from The Nikki Grace Experience )
"Hearse:The Black and White Opinion"はThe Nikki Grace Experienceのアルバムで、Webbed Handネットレーベルからリリースされました。
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