Albinolamb : Seabed ( electronica - xprmntl - エレクトロニカ - 実験音楽 )

"今回のリリースは愛知県にて自主レーベルEatBeatRecordsを主宰し、多数の作品をリリースしているalbinolambによる3曲入りEPです。耳を埋め尽くすかの如く重ねられた、凍りつくように美しいシンセによる轟音と、つんのめるように敷き詰められた攻撃的なビートが高揚感と陶酔感を与えてくれます。特に1曲目の『Seabed』は空中に放り投げられるような浮遊感を演出し、幻想的な音世界を構築しています。" ( Hand Craftネットレーベルより)
"This release is 3 track EP by albinolamb which superintended independence label "EatBeatRecords" in Aichi Prefecture, and has released many works.The offensive beat which was piled up as if it filled the ear and with which it was covered so that it might freeze and might fall forward with the roaring sound by a beautiful synthesizer gives an upsurge of sentiment and a euphoria.
Especially "Seabed" of the 1st music directs a feeling of floating which is thrown up in the air, and is building the visionary sound world. " ( words from Handcraft records )
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