Miyakoshii : One ( post-rock - electronic - ポストロック - エレクトロニック )

" One " is a mini-album containing six music by Miyakoshii.
A painful beautiful sound is sounded by the core in the lyrical and delicate phrase of a guitar with reverberation which shines.Especially "tsuyoku are" of the 4th music is the composition that the guitar gently echoed in a synthesizer top with a transparent feeling is involved, and is beauty just like a hymn. ( words from handcraft records )
輝くような残響を持ったギターの叙情的で繊細なフレーズを核に切なく美しい音が鳴らされます。特に4曲目の『tsuyoku are』は透明感のあるシンセの上を優しく響くギターが絡んでいく構成で、まるで賛美歌の様な美しさです。" ( Hand Craftネットレーベルより)
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