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samedi 25 août 2012

The paellas : following EP ( indie - psyche pop - shoegaze - lofi - シューゲイザー)

Nice ep from the paellas.
please, read the self introduction :
"We are the paellas from Osaka, Japan.
Our band is consisted of four guys, Tatsuya Matsumoto, the singer, Masaharu Kanabishi, the bassist, Kentaro Suzuki, the drummer, and Daichi Shirakura, the guitarist.
In 2009 Tatsuya and Masaharu started the band when they were in university. Then Kentaro joined in 2011. And Daichi joined this year. We liked some weird music and that’s why we started the band.
There are many of music that we are inspired, but especially, the biggest music influence is 80's New Wave, Captured tracks, 60's Surf Rock, Phil Specter, the XX, D'angelo, the drums, U2, and a classic education.
このEPは大阪のThe Paellasによって作られた。
FREE DWNLDーーー〉〉〉フリーダウンロードーーー〉〉〉http://anotraks.bandcamp.com/

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