hanali and various gorge bootists: "Gorge was Gorge" ( gorge music - xprmntl - 実験音楽 )

Anansi netlabel is back with a new release, after more than one year.
"Gorge is gorge" album is rythmic, experimental, breakbeat, and sounds like moutain gorge, that kind of concept...
"Gorge (/ˈɡɔːrʤe/) is a genre of electronic dance music which is said to have been originated in the mountain region of Nepal and India. Its overall sound is characterized as "primitive and magical groove generated by the combination of heavy bottoms and continuous strokes of Tom-Tom" (the first tweet mentioning Gorge in Japanese, been confirmed so far). DJ Nanga, a "Himalayan Giant" who is said to be one of the Gorge originators, describes the sound as "Sound of a rock, sound of water that beats the rock, sound of a mountain held by the rock!". This spiritual and contagious beat had become a kind of cult among climbers, and soon spread out to Canada and Argentina, and not long before it reaches Japan."(words from Anansi netlabel )
同時発売されたGorgeコンピレーション『Gorge Out Tokyo 2012』がGorgeのルート開拓だとすれば、これはGorgeの源流を目指す沢登りと言える。
その源流に辿り着いたかどうかは、あなたの耳で判断してほしい。"( HANALI bandcampより)
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For more details, visit http://gorge.in/