Yuko Ikoma : Erik Satie ( toypop - Satie )

Members of the band Mama! Milk revisiting Erik Satie's compositions. This album has been released in 2008 and now available as free download. A trip into childhood and a tribute to this poetic composer of the beginning of 20th century.

Musicians :
Yuko Ikoma, musicbox, tenor recorder & casiotone
Takeo Toyama, toypiano, alto recorder
Kosuke Shimizu, musical saw, bass recorder
Tomo Yamaguchi, Percussion

フリーダウンロード / Free Download : https://musicamoschata.bandcamp.com/album/erik-satie-digital 

and please, visit Mama! Milk youtube page : https://www.youtube.com/user/esquisseesquisse
and HP : http://www.mamamilk.net/


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