Fluffytails : The Stories of Amethyst and Iris ( indie pop - ambient / bedroom pop )

Last year, Tanukineiri Records released this beautiful EP of Fluffytails, named  "The Stories of Amethyst and Iris". It is a collaboration with the vocalist Mayumi ( Chelsea Terrace / Gray Nightly ) and Umbrage on drums.
海外レーベルからのリリース経験を持つ、姫路在住の宅録音楽家「Fluffytails」の最新曲「Amethyst」「Iris」を収録した「The Stories of Amethyst and Iris」。ゲストボーカルにmayumi、(チェルシーテラス/Gray Nightly)。ドラムにテキサス在住のUmbrageが参加。

Free Download / フリーダウンロード : http://www.tanukineiri.net/portfolio/tnr-104/ ( or Direct DL : http://tanukineiri.net/download/The_Stories_of_Amethyst_and_Iris.zip

Note : Please visit the bandcamp page of Chelsea Terrace / Gray Nightly to listen and download these wonderful albums, from 1994 till now ( available in name your price DL / free DL) : https://graynightlyakachelseaterrace.bandcamp.com/

 "Early Birdie", the 5th album of Chelsea Terrace ( Vocal : Mayumi ) is very pleasant to listen, believe me... Free DL : https://graynightlyakachelseaterrace.bandcamp.com/album/earlybirdie-5th-album


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