simallows+ : music ball ( soundtrack - サントラ )

" Music Ball "はsimallows+による5曲入りEPとなります。
最小限の音と展開でありながら丁寧に作りこまれた楽曲が特徴で穏やかでありながら細かいところまで聴き応えのある作品となっています。特に、cat2525jpによる動画『200年後のゆりかもめ』からインスピレーションを受けた、寄り添うように重なっていく旋律が緩やかに変遷していく様がゆったりとした旅路を思わせる『Tokyo Sky Drive』はこの作品の魅力を最も的確に表している楽曲なのではないでしょうか。また、民族音楽の要素を取り入れた『3dolls』のエキゾチックな雰囲気は荘厳さすら漂います。( Hand Craftネットレーベルより)
" music ball " is set to 5 track EP by simallows+.
The musical piece which made carefully and was crowded though it was the minimum sound and deployment serves as an existing work which hears and responds in the feature till a fine place though it is quiet.The inspiration was especially received from the animation "200年後のゆりかもめ(Yurikamome of 200 years after)" by cat2525jp, "Tokyo Sky Drive" which the appearance in which the melody which overlaps so that it may nestle up changes gently makes consider a calm journey is it the musical piece which expresses the charm of this work most exactly. Moreover, an exotic atmosphere of "3dolls" which took in the element of ethnic music drifts even solemnness. " ( words from Hand Craft netlabel )
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