Miche : Sound Sleep ( ambient - アンビエント )

眠りをテーマにしたこの作品は、眠りに入り深い夢の中に落ちていき、朝になり目覚めを迎えるまでを音で表現しています。3曲目の『AM 2:30 - State of Dreaming』の轟音の中でうっすらと聞こえる声や音は夢の中にいる様子を的確に捉えていてうっとりしてしまいそうな美しさです。また、4曲目の『AM 5:05 - Predawn』は一転して簡素なピアノとギターを軸にした爽やかで覚醒を促す素敵な楽曲となっています。" ( Hand Craft ネットレーベルより)
" This release serves as 5 track EP by Miche.
This work on the theme of sleep is expressing the period until go into sleep, it falls in the deep dream, a morning comes and it greets waking to sound.The voice and sound which can be slightly heard in the roaring sound of "AM 2:30 - State of Dreaming" of the 3rd music are the beauty which has caught exactly signs that it is in a dream, and is likely to be absentminded.Moreover, "AM 5:05 - Predawn" of the 4th music turns around, and serves as a great musical piece centering on a simple piano and guitar to which it is fresh and urges awakening." ( words from Hand Craft records )
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