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samedi 22 décembre 2012

RADIO SLOW POP : “There I Snow” ( ambient - electronica - アンビエント - エレクトロニカ )

Multifaceted and with a colorful sound palette, Stockholm free pop duo RADIO SLOW POP make their debut with the EP There I Snow. Delicate and subtle pieces find themselves in conversation with more noisy excursions. The listener will come across a generous combination of shiny ambience, rhythmic expressions, hazy whirr and prolonged vocal attraction. A mishmash of pleasantness. ( words from Median recordings )
Note : wonderful album. It reminds me sometimes the works of Nobukazu Takemura, but a little bit more noisy. Thanks to Median recordings !
“There I Snow”はRADIO SLOW POPの初アルバムで、MEDIANネットレーベルからリリースされました。RADIO SLOW POPはスウェーデン人のデュオです。
FREE DWNLDーーー〉〉〉フリーダウンロードーーー〉〉〉http://www.medianrecordings.com/med003

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