Axton Frick : Passport ( dubstep - electropop - electronica - エレクトロポップ - エレクトロニカ )

"The concept is inspired by going abroad from NYC to Sydney, Australia and by the sights and sounds of its night life, ranging with elements of dubstep, disco and electro. "Passport" shows off Axton’s appreciation and love for EDM and captures the very essence of what makes a great night out - having the right soundtrack and being with the people you love most. Including remixes by Klepto, Bob Gravity, NiHiL and Manuel Grandi." ( words from Starquake records )
Note : This album has been released in march but I forget to introduce you this amazing album, sorry...
"Passport"はAxton Frickのアルバムで、Starquakeネットレーベルからリリースされています。2012年3月のリリースです。私はこのアルバムを紹介することを忘れました、ごめん。
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