The townhouses : Diaspora ( electronica - pop - ambient - エレクトロニカ - ポップ - アンビエント )

I didn't know "the townhouses" but that make my day. "Diaspora" is a relaxing album, including electronica songs in english. From Melbourne, Australia. This is a yesplease records release.
"Diaspora"は"The Townhouses"のアルバムで、YesPlease Recordsからリリースされました。
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(Note : this is a "name your price" album, click on "BUY" and give what you want, it can be 0 yen or MORE if you want to support the artist...0円からダウンロード可能です。金額を自由に設定してください。)  


Baptiste Chabot a dit…
I finally found a place to listen electronica from Japan. Thanks you !