Kaneel : Your average best friend ( electronica - エレクトロニカ )

" Your average best friend " is the new album of the french electronica musician named Kaneel. Those who like cute and intimate electronica certainly know the music of Kaneel. For those who don't know, please listen and download...
ジャンル : 美しいエレクトロニカ作曲
FREE DWNLDーーー〉〉〉フリーダウンロードーーー〉〉〉http://kaneel.bandcamp.com/album/your-average-best-friend


kaneel a dit…
Hi, it's almost impossible to get in touch with you so… well, in hope you ever read this comment, there's something new, after 3 years of hiatus: http://eerikinpujsound.com/p/m/EIS24_-_kaneel_-_what_you_hear_is_what_you_deserve/