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dimanche 1 novembre 2009

Den Fjerde Vaeg - Med Alle Vinkler i Samme Retning ( Rock - cinematic rock - pop - folk)

ENG : Den Fjerde Vaeg is a Danish quartet with roots in Jutland, Fyn, and Copenhagen.
With experimental and epic arrangements, and Danish lyrics, Den Fjerde Vaeg is a rare sight on the Danish music scene.
Not to mention with the power of singer My Lambertsen's enticing vocals and intense presence on the stage.
Be sure to leave them a kind word at myspace.com/denfjerdevaeg
Also visit Filophoni Netlabel at filophoni.net for more Danish underground music.
FREE DWNLD---->>>http://www.archive.org/details/DenFjerdeVaeg-MedAlleVinklerISammeRetning
---->>> ZIP

日本語 : デンマークバンドDen Fjerde Vaegはこのアルバムを作りました。。。
ジャンル : ロック / シネマチックロック。。。丁抹語で歌われた。。
--->>> ZIP

FR : Den Fjerde Vaeg est un groupe de rock originaire du danemark. Leur musique, bien que rock, a de fortes influences cinematographiques - je veux dire leurs arrangements - C'est la premiere fois que j'apprecie la langue danoise, la voix de la chanteuse y est pour beaucoup, je dois dire...
DWNLD gratuit--->>> http://www.archive.org/details/DenFjerdeVaeg-MedAlleVinklerISammeRetning
---->>> ZIP

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