Koen Park - Computers Are Not Our Friends ( エレクトロニカ - electronica - breakbeats )

ENG : The new album of Koen Park ( ian hawgood )... Please, red the text he wrote ! この KOEN PARK に よって 書いた テキスト を 読んで 下さい !!!
""The idea that our lives revolve around computers so much is depressing and a little soul destroying. Inanimate objects essentially controlling what should be the animate. The more we get into the internet social cycle, the less we actually are part of a healthy society. This is the personal level.
Government, poorly run as is nearly always the case, controls us just the same...they push us down into inanimate objects, ostracized from each other with the apathetic burdens of crippling taxes, war and greed. This is the social level.
I want to walk out my door and just hug a stranger, not facebook with someone I knew when I was 5. I want to see non-violent protest, a people intelligent and strong and able to stand up for their individual rights. And most of all, I want to see people KNOW their rights and individuality, to get out there and live a little more. I want the people who go out and do this to include me." - Koen Park 16/03/09 21:02 Tokyo Time"
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