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dimanche 5 avril 2009

DJ Nikto "Hedningarna Remixes" ( neo-medieval - electronica )

ENG: Dj Nikto ( poland/Ukrainia ) has remixed works of the swedish band Hedningarna. For those who like the European medieval music, this album could interest you....Hedningarna use a whole range of unique ancient instruments, sometimes in modified and upgraded form: lute, mandora, hurdy-gurdy, hummel, zither, fiddles, keyed fiddles, bowed harp, Swedish bagpipe, hardanger fiddle and many others, more exotic - some of them are even hand-crafted and developed by themselves....
DWNLD for FREE---->>>> http://top-40.org/top_2009/top02_DJ_Nikto_Hedningarna_remixes/top02_DJ_Nikto_Hedningarna_remixes_en.html

FR : Dans cette Europe qui ne connaît même pas/plus ses racines, un petit retour en arrière s'impose de temps à autres....Album néo-medieval remixé à la sauce electronica, mais tout en gardant l'idée de départ....
DWNLD gratuit---->>>http://top-40.org/top_2009/top02_DJ_Nikto_Hedningarna_remixes/top02_DJ_Nikto_Hedningarna_remixes_en.html

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