The Dunlaps - Reunions ( ジャズ - jazz - Post-jazz )

ENG :" Brothers Richard (RDunlap) and Frank-o Dunlap live in different states and don’t see each other often, but over the years have come together for a few recording sessions, mostly during the second half of the ‘80s but also as recently as 2005. The Dunlaps have explored improvisation and production in an experimental, jazz-influenced avant-garage proto-post-rock sort of style. RDunlap is also known for his avant-garde remix and collage project dadala, PcOnTrApTiOn (eclectic alternative electronica collaboration with Johann Meier of Jopy) and his own solo work." from
Nice Post-jazz album from this band called the dunlaps. DWNLD it for FREE---->>>

日本語 : 面白い Post-jazz  アルバム です。。。
フリー ダウンロードーーー〉〉〉

FR : Un album post-jazz avec des influences électroniques que je vous invite à télécharger sans remords ni hésitations...
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