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lundi 30 mars 2009

BI-LOG : nos casamos in africa ( folktronica - フォークトロニカ)

ENG : what a superb album ! It has been made by a band called BI-LOG ( composed by 3 people )... I'm not sure , but it seems to be a mexican band. The 5 songs of this album are mainly folktronica, with beautiful sweet vocals....I really like it !!!
DWNLD for FREE---->>>> http://ponirepublic.com/releases/Bi-Log%20-%20Nos%20Casamos%20en%20Africa%20EP%20%5bPoni%20Republic%202009%5d.rar

日本語 : BI-LOG と言う バンド は この すてき な アルバム を 作りました。。。
ジャンル : フォックトロニカ
ダウンロード が 出来るーーー〉〉〉0円!!!ーーー〉〉〉フリー!!ーーーー〉http://ponirepublic.com/releases/Bi-Log%20-%20Nos%20Casamos%20en%20Africa%20EP%20%5bPoni%20Republic%202009%5d.rar

FR : Un album folktronica par un groupe nommé BI-LOG. Chansons douces et légèrement hypnotiques, mélodies amicales et envoutantes pour contes de fées...
DWNLD gratuit---->>> http://ponirepublic.com/releases/Bi-Log%20-%20Nos%20Casamos%20en%20Africa%20EP%20%5bPoni%20Republic%202009%5d.rar

1 commentaire:

Ana a dit…

Hi! I am Ana, and I am part of bi-log, I'm so glad you liked our music!!

:) thank you so much for your support and kind words! <3

Ps: we're from Venezuela :)