Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci : Wooden Mirrors ( improv - experimental )

Released in march 2019 on Plus Timbre Records, " Wooden Mirrors" is a collaborative album of Daniel Barbiero and Cristiano Bocci. You cant call it a duo : they both play double bass on the 1st track, but what it made this experience interesting is that Daniel Barbiero plays on left channel and Christiano Bocci on right channel. Fascinating.
The 2nd track is a work of double bass and electronics, nice work too.
" Wooden Mirrors"はDaniel Barbieroと Cristiano Bocciのコラボアルバムで、Plus Timbre Recordsからリリースされています。(2019年3月のリリース)

フリーダウンロード /// Free Download : http://www.plustimbre.com/releases/0862019.html
or bandcamp page : https://plustimbre.bandcamp.com/album/wooden-mirrors


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