Ian Hawgood : Home Normal Mix ( ambient - アンビエント - mix )

Mixed by Ian Hawgood for SHM label series.

01 Nicolas Bernier ‘The Dancing Deer (short edit)’ - taken from ‘The Dancing Deer EP’
02 Wil Bolton ‘1887’ - taken from ‘Bokeh’
03 Isnaj Dui ‘Creaks Strangely’ - taken from ‘Unstable Equilbrium’
04 offthesky ‘Fear of Flora’ - taken from ‘Hiding Nature’
05 Autistici ‘Sixteenth’ - taken from ‘Amplified Presence’
06 Hotel Neon ‘The Eye’s Mind’ - taken from ‘Hotel Neon’
07 Michael Santos ‘Slowdance’ - taken from ‘Memory Maker’
08 Geskia! ‘Requiem For Genome (aus Remix)’ - taken from ‘323 Sayonara Memories
09 Faures ‘Asthenospheric Movement II’ - taken from ‘Continental Drift’
10 Cass. ‘You on my mind’ - taken from ‘Magical Magical’
11 bvdub ‘Never In The Prison Of Their Stars’ - taken from ‘The First Day’
12 Federico Durand ‘La edad del bosque’ - taken from ‘El libro de los árboles mágicos’
13 Olan Mill ‘Holocene (Live)’ - taken from ‘Half Seas Over’

FREE DWNLDーーー〉〉〉フリーダウンロードーーー〉〉〉 https://soundcloud.com/shimmering-moods-records/shm-label-series-3-ian-hawgood-home-normal-mix

Home Normal soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/homenormal
HP : http://homenormal.com/


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