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lundi 9 février 2015

Mirage : 3 singles ( guitar - alternative - post-rock - ギター - ポストロック )

Compositions : Mirage ( https://soundcloud.com/kuririnnokoto )
Artwork : Aleem Shah ( http://www.facebook.com/NoLifeDoodler )

Hello again​.​Dear my past Demo
FREE DWNLDーーー〉〉〉フリーダウンロードーーー〉〉〉http://koradeken.bandcamp.com/track/hello-again-dear-my-past-demo-artwork-aleem-shah

The place where souls return
FREE DWNLDーーー〉〉〉フリーダウンロードーーー〉〉〉http://koradeken.bandcamp.com/track/the-place-where-souls-return-artwork-aleem-shah

Stardust pt​.​2 Demo
FREE DWNLDーーー〉〉〉フリーダウンロードーーー〉〉〉 http://koradeken.bandcamp.com/track/stardust-pt-2-demo-artwork-aleem-shah

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