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jeudi 24 juillet 2014

Future Disorder is looking for new artists /// Future Disorderネットレーベルは新しいアーティストを探している

Future Disorder netlabel is looking for deep and experimental tracks for [Future Disorder 3 years compilation] 
1. Send your track in Mp3 320k or Wav format
(Mastered tracks if its possible)
2. Artist name + Genre + Links + Contact
3. You must have the rights of the samples-wavs used in your track
4. Send your demo on Facebook (inbox) or via email personalhelldnb@aol.com
5. Questions: https://twitter.com/camiloisdead

• Deadline: August 25th.
• Unreleased tracks
• We will contact you back if we chose your track
• Genres: Idm, glitch, ambient, soundtrack, noise, breakcore, chillwave, downtempo, experimental, etc.

Visit Future Disorder netlabel page : www.futuredisorder.tumblr.com

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