Massimo Ruberti : The city without sun ( electronic - エレクトロニック )

"The city without sun" is the new album of Massimo Ruberti ( from Italia ) and released by Nostress netlabel.
"The City Without Sun" is a concept album of instrumental electronic music. An ideal soundtrack for the kid's novel by Michel Grimaud 'La ville sans soleil'. A French novel of the 70s, which in the post '68 era, tell us about of a group of teenager activists against the pollution of their 'city without sun' by an unscrupulous local squire.A book that still has not lost his, though simplistic, message of rebellion and hope. A book to be known, to be implemented, to not forget. (words from Nostress netlabel )
"The city without sun"はMassimo Rubertiさんの最新アルバムで、Nostressネットレーベルからリリースされました。
このアルバムはMichel Grimaudの"The city without sun"という小説に基づいている。
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