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mardi 16 avril 2013

V.A. : Ala Social Net 2012 ( xprmntl - ambient - 実験音楽 - アンビエント )

"Starting from an idea of Adriano Bossola and Giampaolo Campus and thanks to the Skywine Showroom support , there was a meeting in Ala (TN) on 12th January 2012 among some Italian netlabels. The aim of this event was to estabilish an active collaboration among the participants. This to get a wider spread of the Creative Commons Music in Italy and to create events with musicians belonging to this area..." ( words from acustronica netlabel ). 
AcustronicaとAlchEmisticaとozky e-soundとParafonicaというイタリアのネットレーベルは、このプロジェクトの制作に参加しました。
FREE DWNLDーーー〉〉〉フリーダウンロードーーー〉〉〉http://archive.org/details/AlaSocialNet2012

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