Neuf Meuf : On titled EP ( indie - shoegaze - post-rock - ambient - ポストロック - アンビエント - シューゲイザー =

" Neuf Meuf is the solo project of Slovenian musician, Rok Vrbancic. "On Titled" is his third release in his six plus years making making music under his Neuf Meuf alias. This is experimental, lo-fi electronic music at its best. There are many melodic influences, ambient shoegaze sections, and post rock influence. The title track and "Hise Spijo" were both found on Neuf Meuf's last album, "What's Left In Chorus." "On Titled EP" in many ways acts as a aural continuation. While "Ontitled" and "Hise Spijo" channel noise pop, the rest of the tracks are more infused with ambient and shoegaze. Guitars echo, voices whisper, noises build." ( words from No Source netlabel )
"On titled EP"はNeuf MeufのEPで、No Sourceネットレーベルからリリースされました。Neuf MeufはスロベニアのRok Vrbancicさんのソロプロジェクトです。
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