Stereoboy : éme ( indietronica - indie-pop - インディーポップ - インディートロニカ )

"Stereoboy is Luis Salgado. A musician from Tomar, who recently used to play in U-Clic. The only similarity between these Stereoboy and U-Clic, is that both projects play electronic music. However, U-Clic sounds more rock or industrial.In Stereoboy the thing is much more refined. Most of the time, Luis Salgado gives us soothing melodies, closer to bedroom pop. These are sounds that are dotted with some experimentation. Themes that sometimes carry us to our childhood and remember, old music boxes with ballerinas dancing, or even some toys that we review in old photographs.
As proof, here is all very simple. Very teenager. So far everything still smell the 80s. And there was the fact that Luis started the first sketch melodies..."( words from MIMI netlabel )
゛éme゛はSTEREOBOY(Luis Salgadoさん)の最新アルバムで、MIMIネットレーベルからリリースされました。Sofia ArriscadoとJP CoimbraとHelena VeludoとBirds Are IndieとHelena VeludoとEmanuel Botelhoがこのアルバムの制作に参加しました。優れたアルバム !
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