Asphoria : Eschatology ( indie-pop )

High quality indie-pop from Indonesia...."Having fun with their music and create a harmony that they wanted, and the results are expected to give a happiness to anyone who would listen. Enjoy a euphoria of unexpected fun with Asphoria. Every single life in the world has their own latter dispositions, and personal believes in every final event in a history. Eschatology is a part of theology, philosophy, and futurology concerned with what are believed as the ultimate destiny of humanity. The album contains 9 songs that specifically depict things concerning individual human actions against their surroundings, disintegrated world systems caused by futility of mankind, and especially the end of a time. 2 songs in the album took local musicians to collaborate, Irfan Taufik Rau Hasibuan and Pewee In The Garage." (words from Hujan records)
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