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mardi 15 novembre 2011

he died while hunting : we used to dream awake ( indie-pop )

Lovely indie-pop songs by a band named "he died while hunting". Made in belgium.
゛With electric and acoustic guitars, loops and field recordings, rhythms sounding like an old clock or tribal dances, timid and haunted vocals, he died while hunting delivers a minimalist folk electronica post-everything but post-nothing.゛(words from Totokoko netlabel )
ポスト○○と、よく目にしますが、he died while huntingではpost-everything であっても、post-nothing、なミニマルなフォークトロニカを届けたいと思っております。(TOTOKOKOネットレーベルより。)
FREE DWNLDーーー〉〉〉フリーダウンロードーーー〉〉〉http://totokokolabel.com/releases_025

1 commentaire:

puget27 a dit…

Hello Rajsank and the artist who has created this gem.

Thanks for this nice post.
Yes i love it.It gives me so much pleasure.
These indie pop and folk harmonies mixed with a post-rock sound for the guitar are excellent.

The sound,the voice,the guitar,lyrics are perfect.
The themes too about nostalgia and love.

I hope one day i can record something like this.I listen a lot to this beautiful work.

Many thanks for sharing with us.