Support Greece and Euro zone ( opinions )

Actually, Greece and Europe is attacked by ratings agency as Standard & Poor's and Moody's. Obviously, everybody knows that these ratings agency only supports american economy and US imperialism and that they only want to destroy Europe, because EURO become stronger than dollars. In modern history, USA has always wanted to maintain others parts of the world in slavery ( or vassality ) and has already destroyed many countries.
What ratings agency says is only bullshit : it is not the truth but only economic war.
Fuck Standard & poor's, Moody's and USA !!! Europe will not longer be your slave !!!!


Ramzes XIII a dit…
I like your blog really much, but please, stop writing about politics, because your opinions are so uneducated it is terrifying.
rajsank a dit…
Dear ramzes XIII,
You're true, my english is very poor, ahah, i cannot express my ideas as i wanted to do...
My vocabulary is so thin that if i want to give some opinions, it sounds populist, or half minded fascist.
But i'm not american, and i work in a bank, i know a bit what i'm talking about...
...and, yes, if something drives me mad, i write a small text with all my rage...dont try to find anything like ideology in what i wrote, but only feelings...
Suicide Dots a dit…
as a greek, i would like to thank u for the support:)
maybe ramzes hasnt experienced yet such a situation thats why he finds the things u say terrifying..
but i totally agree with u
this thing that is happening is completely out of control and the people here suffer..but noone is listening.
keep up what u do, i offen visit u.
take care

p.s. whoever wants to see, he/she doesnt pay attention to grammar, but to the point

p.s. again: my english isnt so good either