The Slides : Soma ( rock - ロック )

The Slides is a band from Russia. Since some years, many russian rock bands have release their debut album, and these bands are very good. Maybe better and more innovative than anglo-american bands. The future of rock music is in Russia !
'Soma' is an album indie guitar rock, clearly influenced by britpop and sounding like something between M83 and Oasis. Valued as the nectar of the gods, ‘Soma’ was a ritual drink of importance among the Indo-Iranians, possessing great strength and giving an overwhelming sense of tranquility to those who’d taste it.
L'avenir du rock est en Russie, probablement, tandis que la musique francophone agonise dans son vomi pour ghetto, son manque de creativite et de sentiment, sa nullitude...
ロシアにも面白いなロックバンドがある。このアルバムはTHE SLIDESによって作られた。ロシア語の歌詞 !!
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