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dimanche 27 mars 2011

a collection box / 11th March 2011 ( エレクトロニカ - for Japan - electronica )

After the big earthquake that happened in march 2011, some japanese electronic musicians have decided to make a compilation to help japanese population. So, this is not a free release, but not expensive. Including artists as : AUS, Ametsub, Miyauchi Yuri. Only 500yen. All the money will go directly to the japanese red cross. Please buy, and enjoy !
Another solution to help japan is to give money to japanese embassy. Each japanese embassy have open an account to help people of Sendai and Fukushima prefecture.
But you can also buy mp3 of independants japanese artists, that's a good way to support japan.( please, this time, avoid free dwnld and internet piracy - japan has a huge indie scene that you have to know and support - and the rest of world have a lot of artist to support too, by buying mp3...I'm not against free download, but if you can pay, it is better, because it helps people like you...)

( note : this is not like a disaster in haiti or another poor country, nobody try to make you feel guilty to get your money.It is only about your solidarity...ok, people who loves japan have to contribute !!!!! )

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