The Crayons - The Only Real Place ( indie-pop - indie-rock )

The Crayons were all friends before they became musicalpartners.Green and Red started playing music as soon as they could,with Red playing guitar and Green banging on boxes.A few years later,a Blue crayon jumped into The Crayons.
In 2009, the Crayons first album "Raised by BestFriends" was released on Rack and Ruin Records.The Crayons then movedaway from the lo-fi production of Raised by Best Friends
to their new,synthesized sound present in "The Only Real Place".
Recently, theCrayons have made a new friendin Alex de K (A.D.K.) of the famousJapanese group Sam & Valley.He collaborates with the Crayons on music.
ジャンル : インヂーポップ/ロック
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