90's techno underground mix from belgium - ベルギーの90年代アンダーグラウンドテクノMIX

In the 90's, there were many underground techno parties in Belgium.I really like these mix cause it sounds free and a bit anarchic.90's were so exciting, compare to 2010...I said that because I don't like hiphop and rnb which are the music that ( unfortunately )a lot of people listen now....
FREE DWNLD--->>>フリーダウンロード !!!!
- D-jack :live@mechanical impulse part1 (96 )---->>> http://www.muzike.be/%7Eu313/audio/DJACK_MECHANICALIMPULSE@BULTEN-BXLNOV1996part1.mp3
- D-jack :live@mechanical impulse part2 (96 )---->>> http://www.muzike.be/%7Eu313/audio/DJACK_MECHANICALIMPULSE@BULTEN-BXLNOV1996part2.mp3
- Deg :live@flight303--->>> http://www.muzike.be/%7Eu313/audio/DEG%20@%20FLIGTH%20303%20part2%20-%20CHERRY%20MOON%201994.mp3
- D-jack :Acidtest1--->>> http://www.buzzworkers.com/mix/D-Jack/acid-test1.mp3
- D-jack :minimal01--->>> http://www.buzzworkers.com/mix/Archive%20Lasecte.com/Mix%20Tape/D-Jack/D-Jack-minimal01.mp3
- D-jack :300396b--->>> http://www.buzzworkers.com/mix/Archive%20Lasecte.com/Mix%20Tape/D-Jack/300396b.mp3
- Uriel :ea01--->>> http://www.buzzworkers.com/mix/Enjoy%20Apocalypse/Uriel%20Mix/01-Uriel%20mix-ea1.mp3

Last word : please, never come to brussels, it's an horrible city !ブリュッセルに決して来ないでください。。。


LieSerFlem Biker a dit…
hello, thanks for that... when i was young
I went to these parties and it is my best moments from the scene of electronic music ...
but how are these tapes they arrived in Japan ...
and bxl is an horrible city, I m agree

Niko from LIEGE

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