Pathe100 compilations@whatsinmypod.blogspot ( Chinese Oldies - 中国の歌 )

I'm a great fan of the Pathe100 series, but it is difficult to find in many countries, except if you buy it on internet. Now, buying on internet has become safe. But infortunately, in many countries, Postal services have become very bad and unsafe : I mean people working for the post don't care about your parcel, often steal it or put in front of the door of your house... Well, to say the truth, postal services are dead, killed by economic flexibility and Fuck'n damn liberalism !!!!!!!!!!! ( sorry, but I had to write it...)
At Whatsinmypod blog, you can find some pathe100 compilations, often hosted at mediafire. Including albums of Fong tsin ying, Ge Lan, Yao Li, Zhou Xuan, Carrie koo Mei and others....
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