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samedi 1 mai 2010

About Alarm Pressureについて... ( indie - rock - xprmntl - piano - others...)

Alarm Pressure are an Ukrainian indie-rock duo that formed in Kharkiv in 2008. The band consists of Den Mitchell (vocals, guitars, banjo, percussion) and Nick Acorne (piano, electric organ, drums, percussion, back vocals).
Please, see their videos@Youtube--->> http://www.youtube.com/alarmpressure
ウクライナのALARM PRESSUREのデモアルバムです。。。。
ジャンル : ピアノロック / ロック
FREE DWNLD--->>>フリーダウンロードーーー〉〉〉http://rghost.net/320723 + http://rghost.net/930102

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