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dimanche 18 avril 2010

The Soul's Release : '' Message To Bears​/​The Soul's Release Split '' + '' Awake Among The Sleeping '' ( post-rock - ambient )

The Soul's release (from California) gives you 2 EPs for FREE. Thanks to him.
Those who like calm and deep post-rock songs will certainly like the music of the soul's release!
The Soul's Releaseは2008年にこのアルバムを作りました。ダウンロードが出来る。只!

'' Awake Among The Sleeping ''--->>> http://thesoulsrelease.bandcamp.com/album/awake-among-the-sleeping

'' Message To Bears​/​The Soul's Release Split ''--->>> http://thesoulsrelease.bandcamp.com/album/message-to-bears-the-souls-release-split

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