Marco Lucchi - Litany ( 近代音楽 - 器楽 - instru-mental - post-classical )

ENG : Good album of Marco Lucchi. People interested in intelligent music should dwnld it !
''Described by Marco Lucchi as "just a suite of studies upon an arpeggio for piano" these works convey a pensive mood through interpretation by various instruments such as a mellotron and even a crackling record.'' ( from )
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日本語 :Marco Lucchi の 最新 アルバム です。
ジャンル :器楽、 近代音楽
フリー ダウンロードーーー〉〉〉

Fr: Musique a la recherche de nouveaux espaces, caravelle en quete de nouveaux passages,... si tout a coup un continent neuf se decouvrait a nos oreilles....( ecriture automatique, je m'excuse)
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