Rabotnik - "Rabotnik" ( rock - progrock - xprmntl - cinematic- ロック - サウンドトラック )

ENG : Rabotnik was formed by Eduardo Manso and Estevão Casé in 2004, we have already released two albums (one by british label Far Out Recordings and one by brazilian label Bolacha Discos) and produced numerous soundtracks for films, plays, TV, fashion and dance shows since then. The members Bruno di Lullo, Rafael Rocha and Daniel Romano joined the group through the years and now complete the live band line-up. Rabotnik blends film music, progressive rock, noise, classical, electronic and various other styles to make a music of its own.
My opinion : fck'in good album ! If you don't dwnld it, you miss something.
DWNLD for FREE----> http://www.archive.org/details/ca158_r

日本語 :RABOTNIK  は ロックバンド ですけど RABOTNIK の 音楽 は サウンドトラック とう おなじ です。ダウンロドーーー〉0円ーーー〉http://www.archive.org/details/ca158_r

FR : Un album très cinématique, avec des influences progressives, avec des passages tout droit sorti de soundtrack 70's...disons que c'est une musique très hybride...
DWNLD gratuit---> http://www.archive.org/details/ca158_r


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