dj newtown - Flying between stars(*she is a girl) [ Breakbeat - Mashup - カットアップ / ブレイクビーツ free mp3 ]

An amazing release from Maltine netlabel... I think it's the best netlabel in mashup...
Well, the music of dj newtown is a mis of breakbeat and voice sample, maybe it is not the genre you like, but you'll certainly appreciate these tracks...
Dwnld for FREE here---->

日本語 :にほん の カットアップ / ブレイクビーツ リリス です。ダウンロドーー〉FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!ーーーーーー〉

FR: Du mashup japonais d'excellente facture...Dwnld gratuit ici---> ..... Et je vous invite fortement à faire un tour sur le site de ce netlabel, lequel contient plein d'artistes fous à lier, mais géniaux !